miércoles, 23 de octubre de 2013

Environment for videogame.

Concept environment based on a japanese village from the XIX century.  I wanted to show the difference between the heat you can feel under an afternoon sun, and the coolness you notice when you enter an alley covered by the shadows.

The terrible fairy eater!

A character concept design of a twisted and scary being whose only purpose in this world is to eat as many fairies as he can.  Although made with a cartoonish style I really wanted to make him look dark and creepy. 

Better watch out what you wish for.

A little bit of sense of humor is always necessary in life.

Illustration for a magazine.

An illustration for a magazine about the U.S. government shutdown.

Maybe it was just a dream...

Batman has always been my favorite superhero, so I had to draw something about him.  This somewhat is based on a BTAS episode called "Perchance to Dream".  Basically Batman has been caught by the Mad Hatter using a weird machine that creates a permanent dreaming state in its victim.  Here an old an overweight Batman realises that he's dreaming when he is unable to read the newspaper cause nothing seems to make sense.

Quick character sketch.

Videogame environment.

An old spanish galleon taken out of the sea by an hurricane and put in the middle of the jungle; used as a house by someone later.  Here again the main spotlight is yellowish and as we move to the right side of the screen, the amount of cyan grows in the shadows.

Spending the afternoon...

A more animation like illustration.  Yellowish main spotlight combined with a colder environment.  Have fun!

Jazz festival poster.

This is an oil painting poster thought for a fictional Jazz festival.  The image that I had in mind was that of a night club from the 80's; colored lights and shadows and deep contrasts.  The natural shine of the oils helps to give the picture a characteristic look.

Illustration for children textbook.

Plain colors and smooth shadows here for a more simple style.

Attack at the entrance of the church!!

Illustration that I did for a friend's book.  The procession is attacked at the church's gate without a warning at dusk.  I wanted to play with the lights and shadows in order to create a dramatic atmosphere.

Goliath like warrior.

Illustration for a magazine article.

I made this for a magazine article about the disappearance of the naval industry in Spain at the hands of some european politicians.  

Great Romanesque King of old.

I was thinking on a board game when I did this; I wanted to represent almost an icon like image that will fit well both with a romanesque style, and the one that is proper of those books that come with this type of games.